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Treat Yourself to the Benefits of Aromatherapy

Essential oils play a large part in my life. I find that I am partial to different scents at different times. The seasons play a role in the oils I choose to use. In the winter I use warm oils like Cinnamon and Ginger. Or I scent out the cleansing, uplifting oils like the firs – spruce and cedar. And there are oils for coughs and colds like the Eucalyptus family.

If any of you living in the Southern Hemisphere want some guidance on beneficial oils for cold weather – please contact me at

In the northern hemisphere we are in the middle of our summer months. There are many oils I like in summer for many reasons. With that in mind I put together a few collections of oils, as well as, many single note oils that would be especially beneficial in the summer months. Sometimes I do too much yard work and I am feeling stiff and sore. The collection in the Weekend Warrior Kit takes care of all my aging body needs (!). Vacation time brings its own share of travel issues. The Travel Collection of oils addresses many of the tough parts about traveling so that you can enjoy the destination. And of course, the Stress Collection is a year-round life saver.

There are a number of single note oils and additional aromatherapy products that I included in this sale that I thought you would enjoy. There is a brief description of the benefits of each oil so you can decide if it is for you. I will send directions for use and application techniques with each product you order. You don’t have to worry about what to do with these oils. If you want to involve yourself a little more in essential oils, there is an Aromatherapy for Every Day booklet that you can purchase.

Curious? Go to to check out what is available. I am always open to answer questions so don’t hesitate to contact me:

Aromatically yours,


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