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The Brain Health Website for Optimal Aging


Pat Faust, MGS, CAt

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! Optimal aging doesn't need to be wishful thinking - it is remarkably attainable - if you know the path to ultimate brain health.  And I can help you. That's

why I'm here.  Hopefully you are here for the same reason. See for yourself!

Finally, Your Personal Coach for an Ageless Brain



       While it is true that:

·       Our brain can change;

·       We can recover aging losses;

·       We can prevent Alzheimer’s disease;

        It requires dedication and consistency in living a healthy

        brain lifestyle to actually change your brain.

Ta Da!

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    What I have found is that even though most people want these positive brain changes – it is an                      overwhelming process that is beyond their reach.

    That is why I am personally going to be Your Ageless Brain Coach.

    And because everyone’s brain is different, I will customize these steps to maximize your

    brain outcomes.

    Along the way, we will work on habits and changes; goal setting; memory strategies; organization;                    emotions and their role in chronic disease.

     Since Alzheimer's disease is epidemic, experts around the world are touting the benefit of living a brain-         healthy lifestyle.  1 in 6 of us are going to get Alzheimer's disease. Do you want to take the chance that 

     you will be the one?  I can cut that risk.   Contact Me!

What's Happening?

May of each year is always designated as Older Americans Month.  Last year, although we didn’t know it then, we were still at the beginning stages of COVID-19.  We did not know or even conceive of the significant impact that social isolation would have on all of us.  This isolation ultimately took a huge toll on Older Adults. 


On May 3, 2021, President Biden issued and signed A Proclamation on Older Americans Month, 2021.  The Proclamation put forth the parts of the American Rescue Plan where the needs of Older Americans are at the forefront of the country’s path to recovery.

The American Rescue Plan provides funding to support migration, clinical care, infection control and staffing in Long-term Care facilities during the pandemic.   It also provides funding for home and community-based services through Medicaid. 

The American Rescue Plan adds funding to programs authorized under The Older Americans Act.  It calls for the establishment of the National Technical Assistance Center on Grandfamilies and Kinship Families – to give much needed aid to Older Americans who have stepped up to parent the next generations of Americans.  Finally, the Plan enhances the Elder Justice Act and ensures Adult Protective Services can be used to protect the safety of all adults as they age.


The reason I have highlighted that part of the American Rescue Plan is because the need is so great as the longevity of Americans is straining the budgets of agencies tasked with providing care.  This Plan is part of a very large initiative and one that doesn’t receive the press and attention that the rest of the content receives.


This Plan is in front of lawmakers in the House and Senate for negotiations.  It is a critical piece of legislation that will provide safety, protection, stability for a vast number of Older Americans as they move into their later stages of life.  Please contact your local/regional/state lawmakers and express your support for the passage of the American Rescue Plan.


Life is looking a little brighter.  Get vaccinated if you haven’t already done so in order to enjoy the reopening of America.

If you are reading this newsletter from another country – please send me what steps your country is taking to protect your older adults as you move to open your country.  I will print all of your information on what your country is doing to move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.


As always, please take good care of yourself.



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