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The Brain Health Website for Optimal Aging

Pat Faust, MGS, CAt

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! Optimal aging doesn't need to be wishful thinking - it is remarkably attainable - if you know the path to ultimate brain health.  And I can help you. That's

why I'm here.  Hopefully you are here for the same reason. See for yourself!

Finally, Your Personal Coach for an Ageless Brain


       While it is true that:

·       Our brain can change;

·       We can recover aging losses;

·       We can prevent Alzheimer’s disease;

        It requires dedication and consistency in living a healthy

        brain lifestyle to actually change your brain.

Ta Da!

    What I have found is that even though most people want these positive brain changes – it is an                      overwhelming process that is beyond their reach.

    That is why I am personally going to be Your Ageless Brain Coach.

    And because everyone’s brain is different, I will customize these steps to maximize your

    brain outcomes.

    Along the way, we will work on habits and changes; goal setting; memory strategies; organization;                    emotions and their role in chronic disease.

     Since Alzheimer's disease is epidemic, experts around the world are touting the benefit of living a brain-         healthy lifestyle.  1 in 6 of us are going to get Alzheimer's disease. Do you want to take the chance that 

     you will be the one?  I can cut that risk.   Contact Me!

What's Happening?

I am taking on new coaching clients at this time.  My focus is to guide clients through practices that utilize and benefit from neuroplasticity.  When we work on the core practices hardwired in the brain, we can actually facilitate change by creating new connections.  Brain cells that fire together, wire together.  Instead of depending on will power to create behavioral change, we work together to create new brain connections that will define behavior.  We can change our brain!

Are you struggling with all of the stress that COVID-19 id putting you through?  Would you like some help building your resilient brain?  As a special offer to help you get through and recover from this pandemic, I am coaching on 'How to Build Your Resilient Brain'.  This will be a modified coaching program lasting for six weeks.  In it, you will learn how to use neuroplasticity to help your brain adapt and thrive within this environment.  CONTACT ME for a twenty-minute call to find out if this is for you.

Everything has taken second place to the Coronavirus.  This pandemic has resulted in major to minor events to be canceled.  So right now – I don’t have anything happening.  The most important thing that we can do is to take care of ourselves – maintain social distancing, wash your hands many times each day, and stay home!


In the last newsletter, I talked about an essential oil blend: Invincible Immunity.  This is one course of action that we can take to fight getting Covid-19.  My oil house – where I get all my essential oils – is Amrita Aromatherapy.  I talked to the office last week to see if they had a good supply of products to sell.  I was told that they are prepared for orders.  You can check it out on their website:

You can also go to the Aromatherapy page on my website for information on Invincible Immunity. 

The next couple of weeks are a bit empty because everything is closed down and we are being told to stay home.  If you find yourselves in the same circumstances make the most of the time by doing activities that you never have time to do.  Having time is a luxury.  Enjoy yours and stay healthy!

Remember: We can change our brains.  





Train your brain to stay on the positive side of life.

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    Patricia Faust MGS. CAt