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The evolution of brain health is moving at break-neck speed right now.  However, there was a time when it wasn’t even recognized as being anything of value.  Wellness programs focus on physical health.   


At the same time, the ravages of dementia were gaining attention.  There was no specific plan of care for regaining cognitive function during the 1990s.  Memory care units were referred to as ‘lock-down’ units.  As the number of cases of dementia increased, more lock-down units were opened but appropriate care was scarce.  I saw this firsthand, and it shook me to the core. 


In the early 2000s, researchers were releasing results of studies identifying neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.  The brain could recover lost volume and create new synaptic connections.  We could change our brains!  This is where the beginnings of The Boomer Brain were founded.  There was not much attention given to brain health at that time and this was the time when Boomers were going through their forties and fifties — the perfect time to slow brain aging.  Now that brain health has been embraced to prevent Alzheimer’s, there have been international efforts to educate and encourage the brain-healthy lifestyle.  However, Boomers are now in their sixties, and seventies, and are facing increasing risks of developing dementia.


This book focuses on Boomers as we make our way through our later years.  The aging process is tough, and there are so many changes that we don’t feel we have any control over.  There is no secret sauce, or magic pill that can turn back the time to your younger brain.  This book captures the why and the how of aging changes and turns them into your starting point for making critical updates to your brain.  Gaining an understanding of how your lifestyle history impacts your Alzheimer’s risks is an important part of planning for your ageless brain.  Having the knowledge, strategies, and tools is necessary to change your brain and life. Knowing how to use them and committing to the change process are your keys to successful aging.  Remember, your brain doesn’t know how old you are!  It ages by the lifestyle that you lead.  It is never too late to change your brain!

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     What's Happening?

May happens to be Older Americans Month.  The theme of Older Americans Month 2024 is: Powered by Connection.  This recognizes the profound impact that meaningful relationships and social connections have on our health and wellbeing.  Many of the Community Centers around the country plan numerous events to celebrate the month.  But if you don’t have a community center around you that participates in this, or you don’t have the means to get to a center, then log into the AARP website (  The AARP Virtual Community Center has a whole series of events running throughout the month.  Membership is not required, and the programs are free!

I live in SE Indiana on the border of Ohio and Kentucky.  It is nothing to travel through three states for a shopping expedition!  This region has some exciting events going on this weekend.  On Saturday, May 4, the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby will take place.  I am not all that knowledgeable about horse racing, but I certainly will watch the Derby.  The pomp and circumstance are exceptional and the race itself is exhilarating. 

Then on Sunday, May 5, the Flying Pig Marathon will take place.  My husband Russ and I volunteered at the Pig for twenty-five years, but we retired last year. We still miss the excitement of the race.  This year the Flying Pig was named the top marathon in the country for runners.  You almost have to see it to appreciate it.  Fortunately, the weather looks great for the Derby and the Marathon.  Last year there were wicked rainstorms that almost canceled the events.

Now about the book, The Boomer Brain.  It should go to publishing this week! WooHoo!  I will be sending out another email with details about how to order the book on Amazon.  I really need your help getting word about this book out.  Amazon ranks their books by sales in the first few days of the release.  I need to get in the top ten tier because most people don’t search further than those ten books.  The first couple of days, the Kindle version will be on sale for .99.  That is strictly to drive sales.  When you get the link for the book, please go there and purchase.  The paperback will be available then too.  Then share the link or tell as many people as you can about the book.  Finally, when you can, send a review.  That is another important part of where Amazon ranks you.  The email will be sent out as soon as I get the link.  Exciting times!

Thank you for being a part of My Boomer Brain.

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