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Brain Health For Optimal Aging




Do you experience?

  • Memory slips

  • Brain fog

  • Scrambled thinking

  • Brain burnout


Are these changes forever?

  • Increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease

  • Decreased cognitive function

  • Lethargy

  • Anxiety, depression


Don’t let fear hold you back:

  • Time to retrain your brain

  • Learn and live a brain healthy lifestyle

  • Reduce your risk for dementia

  • Learn tools and strategies to improve your memory skills

  • Increase your cognitive skills

  • Discover your life purpose


We are all capable of reclaiming and retraining our brain and build cognitive reserve to protect our brain.


My purpose and passion is to bring Brain Health to you.

I will show you how to reclaim your brain and your life.


Coaching spots are open for 3-month, 6-month or 12-month sessions.


Contact me at patricia@myboomerbrain.com to set up a free brain health evaluation.


It is never too early or too late to reclaim your brain!


What's Happening?

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month!


When I started this brain health journey in 2006, there was little if any knowledge of the benefits of brain health.  As I worked hard over the years to bring the benefits of brain health to the forefront of everyone’s thinking, I saw such slow progress.  Until now!

Information and programs around brain health are everywhere.  There are even months dedicated to drawing attention to the healthy brain.


This month has partnered Alzheimer’s and Brain Health.  This is a logical pairing.  Even though there has been a modest success in finding treatments for AD, research on the different aspects of having a healthy brain is strong.  It is generally believed now that lifestyle plays a huge role in the development of Alzheimer’s.  Not only has research revealed how different aspects of lifestyle increase the risk of dementia, but the different aspects of a healthy brain lifestyle take advantage of the brain's ability to grow more cells and increase cognitive reserve.  Our brains are badass if we cooperate!  My blogs cover all the different parts of the brain healthy lifestyle.

If you believe that you need some help learning to live that lifestyle, I am available.  Send me an email at patricia@myboomerbrain.com.  We can chat and see if coaching would turn things around for you. 


With all of that said, I just launched my fundraising campaign for the 2022 Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Incidents of dementia increased throughout the pandemic and the numbers are expected to soar.  The primary reason is that so many boomers are now in their seventies and are being diagnosed with forms of dementia.  I personally have talked with some friends and three of them are now caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s.  There is an urgency I believe to find the first survivor. 


You can get direct access to team: My Boomer Brain through – www.act.alz.org/goto/boomer

You can donate there, join the team and/or do both.  This is a charitable donation, and you will receive a receipt from the Alzheimer’s Association.


Finally, as this is so cool, I am now a part of Memory-Lane.tv as an independent sales rep.  I am over the moon and excited about this development.  Memory-Lane.tv is a Multisensory Therapy for those with dementia and respite for their caregivers.  The streamed videos use Video, Photography, Music, Recorded Sound, and Aroma.  One of the main outcomes is to address difficult behaviors without the use of psychotropic drugs.


Words don’t justify this beautiful platform.  Please check out www.memory-lane.tv and feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Take good care of yourselves.  Stay in the present and visualize your amazing future.  Your subconscious brain is paying attention!

All my best,


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