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The Brain Health Website for Optimal Aging


Pat Faust, MGS, CAt

Welcome and thanks for visiting my site! 

Does Optimal Aging feel like pie in the sky wishful thinking?  Has the pandemic knocked you out of ever feeling comfortable again?  And finally, does your brain feel like it is trying to operate in a thick fog?


My Boomer Brain was originally designed to alleviate the brain changes associated with aging.  Of course, preventing Alzheimer’s has always been the top-most objective.  Now, whether you have had Covid-19 or not, your brain might be scrambled, because of the excessive stress we are enduring.  We are all at risk of pandemic brain burnout. 


I am here to help you work through the brain fog and recover your brain and your life. 

         Finally, Your COVID-19 Brain Health Coach

         It's Time to Reclaim Your Brain


These have been unprecedented times.  Whereas we might have been concerned with the aging losses our brain was sustaining (it happens to everyone), now we have the consequences of a chronically stressed brain interfering with our thought processes and causing us to have gaps in our memory.  As scary as this is – we can reclaim our brain. So, are you ready to get your brain back?

This is a process –

  1. You will get lots of information to review so that you understand what happened and what we need to do to start changing your brain.

  2. Then we will use that information to craft a customized program for you.  (tools, exercises, and worksheets)

   3. Finally, coaching for accountability, support, and facilitating           change

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And because everyone’s brain is different, I will customize these steps to maximize your brain outcomes.


Along the way, we will work on habits and changes; goal setting; memory strategies; organization; emotions, and their role in chronic disease.


Alzheimer's disease is still an epidemic, even during this pandemic. Experts around the world are touting the benefit of living a brain-healthy lifestyle.  1 in 6 of us is going to get Alzheimer's disease. Do you want to take the chance that you will be the one?  I can cut that risk. 

What's Happening?

What’s Happening?  November 9, 2021


Let’s start with What Happened? the month of October.  It happened that October became my volunteer month.  The Walk to End Alzheimer’s was the first Saturday of the month and The Flying Pig Marathon was the last Sunday of the month.  I was on the planning committee for the Walk and worked almost all year in preparation for the event.  Fundraising continues until the end of the year.  My husband, Russ, and I run the fluid station for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at the 15-mile marker for the Pig.  That amount of work is concentrated into a few weeks.  Russ volunteers with me for the Walk and I volunteer with him for the Pig.  It is so gratifying to participate in volunteer activities.  There is conversation wrapped around both events and it is good for us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  I recommend volunteering wholeheartedly.  It is good for the spirit and good for the brain.

November happens to be National Family Caregiver’s Month.  Caregivers are unrecognized heroes in the healthcare industry.  From my perspective, it is the hardest but also the most rewarding job there is.  You can get information and resources on caregiving at  There are resources for self-care, advocacy, and distressing for caregivers.  The Administration for Community Living ( provides valuable information for family caregivers. The national observance is spearheaded by CAN – Caregiver Action Network.  This is a site worth looking into.


Just a heads up: the My Boomer Brain website is in the process of a much-needed overhaul.  The complete site probably won’t launch until 2022.  Please be patient with me as we bring this site up to date!

November 11 is Veterans’ Day in the United States.  It is with much admiration that we celebrate this day.  I want to thank all our veterans for the sacrifices they endured in protecting our freedoms.  We are eternally grateful!


And of course, it is Thanksgiving Day at the end of this month.  It is a longstanding holiday celebrated in the spirit of giving thanks for the many blessings we have received.  Even if your area of the world doesn’t have a day set aside just to give thanks – then have your own celebration.  It is good for the soul.

I am grateful for all the support you all give me.  Thank you all!

Take good care of yourself,


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    Patricia Faust MGS. CAt 


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