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"Patricia Faust’s presentations are fantastic. She is able to craft a message for the audience that combines her body of expertise with their immediate needs. Her delivery is exemplary; by combining humor, examples, and a relaxed but highly focused presentation, she demonstrates her command of brain health and aging to give the audience useful take-aways. True learning takes place. The audience leaves feeling motivated."


Bill DeHass, Community Services Director

Clermont Senior Services


"Pat is a passionate and knowledgeable professional in the brain health arena. She not only stays current with the quickly changing brain science but also easily translates this information into practical ways anyone can apply it in their everyday life."


Debbie Hampton (The Best Brain Possible)

Pat Faust is one of the most dedicated and passionate advocates in the boomer market. It has been my privilege to work side by side with her and experience the vast landscape of knowledge she possesses. She speaks, writes and teaches with authority, humor and compassion and absolutely mesmerizes the room. She never tires and she is fiercely committed to helping people find a more healthy path to aging.

Erin Matlock,     

Founder, Brain Summit

Patricia has presented seminars at Artis Senior Living of Bridgetown covering topics such as tips for brain health, healthy living, and aromatherapy.  After her presentations, participants  always say how much they enjoyed Patricia’s style and ease that allows them to feel comfortable in asking questions. Patricia’s hands on approach to learning allows the participant to be engaged and find meaning in the material presented!  She has devoted her career to improving the quality of life for seniors and supporting those involved in their care.  Her presentations reflect her devotion and professionalism.


Margaret Ungar

Director of Marketing

Artis Senior Living Of Bridgetown

5799 Bridgetown Road

Cincinnati, Ohio  45248

Main 513-832-1597

Fax 513-918-2450

Cell 513-806-9692

“Pat Faust, Gerontologist, has a wealth of expertise in aging and particularly the boomer brain!  Pat’s dynamic personality and passion for the work she does is a great asset to her!  Pat is an incredible speaker and presenter on the subject of the aging brain!  I highly recommend Pat as a consultant, presenter and speaker!”     

Anne C. Fredrickson, MGS, MHA

Project Manager, Ohio SMP

Pro Seniors, Inc.

Since 2015 I have had the privilege of being on the Medicare Moment Show, hosted by Anne Fredrickson.  Medicare Moment is broadcast on WMKV 89.3 fm and as a podcast on 


 Anne is the project manager for   the Senior Medicare Project,   ProSeniors, Inc.

 It is always so much fun to be on the radio with someone as   knowledgeable as Anne. The following  are a couple of  recordings from past years. Enjoy!

Pat Faust's Interview on Anne Fredrickson's Medicare Moment Radio Program -
00:00 / 00:00
Pat returns to Anne Frederickson's Medicare Moment Radio Show -
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