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Presentations and Programs


Seminars Focusing on Professionals and Aging Clients


How Much Do Lawyers Need to Know About Alzheimer’s Disease?

(1–1.5 hours)


Financial Planners: Recognizing and Dealing with Diminished Capacity

(1 – 1.5 hours)

Discussion on the aging brain and how it impacts financial


Recognizing the signs of diminished capacity in aging clients.

Risks of fraud, scams and exploitation with older clients.

Action steps to take to best serve your aging clients


Older Adults and Decision-Making

(1 hour)

How the aging brain processes information in decision-making

How brain aging changes filter information and influence decisions

Strategies for communicating effectively with older adults


The Dilemma of Money and Dementia

(1 hour)

This presentation is geared to family of clients

The personal experience of recognizing the warning signs of dementia and the impact on

   personal finances

‘What next’ steps for being a financial caregiver


Seminars Focusing on Brain Aging and Brain Health





The Healthy Brain for Life Plan

(1 hour)

An overview of the healthy brain lifestyle

Medication management impact on the aging brain

Fall risks in aging

Action steps for incorporating a healthy brain lifestyle into your everyday life


The Value of Finding Your Purpose

(1 hour)

The affects of purpose on your brain

The benefits of knowing your life purpose

Entering your Third Age with purpose and meaning

Tips to meaning and purpose in later life

Aromatherapy and the Behaviors of Dementia

(1.5 hours)

Four behavioral models to identify the cause of the behavior

Pathways of aromatherapy and affects on behavior

Review of the most effective essential oils and they work with

   care issues

Application techniques reviewed for safety



The “Your Brain On” Series                                          

(50 minutes/topic)

 Your Brain on Aging and Health

The groundwork presentation on the aging brain and the importance of a healthy brain to support

high function

Your Brain on Stress

The benefits of motivational stress and the severe consequences of chronic stress on the brain

Your Brain on Resilience

A review of how the brain can develop resilience through action and actually help grow a bigger,

stronger brain

Your Brain on Habit and Change

The science of habit formation and why the brain has to consistently and repetitively fire neurons to create

new neural pathways -> change

                                                                                    Your Brain on Retirement

                                                                           The workplace is a novel and complex environment where

                                                                                the brain flourishes. Once you walk out the door you                                                                                                              have to replace all of the pieces of a brain healthy lifestyle

                                                                                to offset cognitive decline.


                                                                           This series of presentations are just the right length and content                                                                                             for “Lunch ‘n Learns”. The presentations review the neuroscience

                                                                               of these topics. Follow-up presentations and workshops are                                                                                                 available for a deeper look at your brain at work.


Corporate Speaking Series

(1 hour each – 45-minute presentation/15 minutes Q&A)

 The Neuroscience of Leadership

The basis of leadership is born in the brain.This speaks to

   a leadership style born out of neuroscience.

The Impact of Neuroscience on People Management

A review of neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to constantly

   adapt); how the brain reacts to threat and reward – on a

   subconscious level; the social brain and morale can make or 

   break a corporate culture

The Neuroscience of Change

Diving through the subconscious brain action of fight or flight in change; understanding of how the brain is hardwired to resist change and making change easier through the knowledge of brain function

The Neuroscience of Productivity

Understanding the myth of multitasking; tips of how to calm an overwhelmed brain; reaching flow state

where productivity excels

The Neuroscience of Motivation and Engagement

Understanding how neurotransmitters can motivate action to completion; improving engagement by understanding the neuroscience of brain function

The Neuroscience of Organizational Culture

Neuroplasticity adapts to the environment – either good or bad; how to recognize a toxic environment;

use the social brain phenomenon of the brain to introduce a positive culture

The Neuroscience of Creativity

The ‘AHA’ moment – the neuroscience of creativity – steps for creative insight and problem solving


Neuroscience and Marketing

The brain is the core of every single decision consumers make; gain an understanding of how to tap into

the subconscious decision-making part of the brain

Neuroscience and Employee Effectiveness

Gain knowledge of how utilizing specific brain functions can maximize effectiveness

Neuroscience and Corporate Wellness

Everything starts and stops with the brain. Through the Top-Down, Outside-In, and Bottom-Up model of

health neuroscience, discover how all variables body, mind, spirit, environment, and genetics

   impact wellness.


Each of these presentations speak to the science of how the brain functions.  These are introductions to the power of neuroscience in the workplace.  Everything starts and ends with the brain.  In understanding how

the brain works you can change the whole workplace dynamic, gain a competitive edge and create a

thriving culture.



“You’ve heard about CEOs, CFOs and COOs.  But what about a CGO – as in, Chief Gerontology Officer?”

Kevyn Burger – March 19, 2018






The Healthy Brain for Life Program   

( Six One-Hour Sessions over Six Weeks)

This just released program takes a 360-degree perspective on brain aging and brain health.  We have more control over aging losses and the health of our brain than we ever realized.  70% risk of developing dementia

is due to lifestyle habits and chronic disease. 


The Brain Health Program includes information on normal aging changes our brain sustains, along with medication management; the effects of lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking; effects of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease; and, the key to offset these effects through living a brain healthy lifestyle. 


Integrating a brain healthy lifestyle (physical exercise, mental stimulation, nutrition, socialization, sleep, and

stress reduction) into your life will optimize your everyday brain function, build brain resilience and help

delay the onset of dementia.


Learn how to change your brain!

A high-functioning, vital brain is within your control!

Each session is one-hour long.  Supporting material, activities to incorporate at home, resources and

references are all included.


Contact Pat to discover more details on how this program can change your life.




The Total Memory Workout Program     

(Five One-Hour Sessions over Five Weeks)


Dr. Cynthia Green’s Total Memory Workout Program is designed to keep your memory in tip top shape.  A

brief background on brain aging and brain health lifestyle set the stage with tools and strategies to help

you maximize your memory function at any age.


Each session takes you on a discovery journey on how your brain functions.  Supporting material enhances

each lesson learned.  At-home activities put the session content into practical use. 


Contact Pat to discover more details on how this program can strengthen your brain and improve your

memory skills.


Financial Professionals/Aging Clients   

(Six One-Hour Sessions over Six Weeks)


                                                                        We are now an aging society.  The 90+ age group is the fastest

                                                                        growing demographic.  Leading edge Boomers have passed

                                                                        the 70-year threshold.  10,000  Boomers are turning 65 everyday. 

                                                                        The first of Generation X turned 50-years old last year. It will no

                                                                        longer be a novelty to have a client with diminished capacity. 

                                                                         It will more likely be an expected event as clients age and

                                                                         live longer. 


There has never been a time in our history where the aging population is advancing in such unprecedented numbers.  By the year 2030, 1 in 5 people in the United States will be over the age of 65.  It will be the first time

in history that there are more older people than children.   Normal brain aging changes make it more of a challenge for aging clients to efficiently take care of their finances.  As age goes up, the risk of dementia increases.  This situation can put a lifetime of financial planning at risk.  To complicate this tsunami of events

even more is the fact that the Boomer group, along with their parents, hold 42 trillion dollars in assets. 

This makes this group a high risk target for fraud, scams and exploitation.


This course goes into detail on all of the challenges the financial advisor faces in working with aging clients. 

From the aging brain, ergonomic issues, recognizing and dealing with diminished capacity to protecting

your client from frauds, scams, and exploitation, this course is a deep dive into understanding the best

practices of working with your aging clients.


The Financial Planners Course will position you to make the needed adjustments in your practice to

understand and best-serve your aging clients.  Supporting materials, case studies, references and

resources are all designed to prepare and support you and your aging clients.


Contact Pat for more details on how this course will facilitate the best client service now – and in the future.


The Retirement Transition Workshop

(Two-hour Workshop)

This workshop will inform you on the impact of leaving your career and transitioning into your retirement life.

The predictable question of ‘What’s Next’ takes center stage as we discuss the ramifications of longevity

and how it will impact every aspect of your third age. Understanding the lifestyle changes that occur in retirement and learning strategies to navigate through this transition will be the focus of this workshop.

Contact Pat for more details on how to provide a wrap-around retirement benefit that will prepare your

retiree for the next big phase of his/her life.

How You Make Memories and Why You Forget

(1 hour)

Understand how the aging process affects memory formation

Discover how the memory process works

Learn the dynamic between memory formation and forgetting


"The amazing brain is finally getting the attention it deserves. Contact me for personal instruction or to book an advantageous presentation for your company."

Financial Professionals/Aging Clients
(Six One-Hour Sessions over Six Weeks)
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