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My Career Path


I'm a gerontologist  and a brain health specialist. I believe it is important for you to understand why

I chose this career path.


The Learning Curve

I have always loved science and I have spent

over half of my working life in medical careers. 

It was working with older people who had

dementia that sent me on a deep dive

into academia to learn everything I could

about aging and dementia.  So by the time

I was 52 years old I had:

  • BA in Gerontology,

  • Masters in Gerontological Studies

  • Nursing Home Administrator’s license.


I didn’t work directly with seniors with dementia after graduate school but I did work with their spouses, children, other family and friends.  They were the primary caregivers of these seniors and they did everything they could to make their lives better.  And, I learned that it came at a cost.  This education was the most profound.  It changed my life.


All About the Brain

I started my brain fitness education with Posit Science as an Authorized Provider for their Brain Fitness Program and the Cortex with Insight program.  That was in 2006 and was just the start of the brain fitness revolution that was to come.  I was hooked.  I loved everything about the new research                                                                           coming out and the discovery of neuroplasticity.  It offered                                                                           hope for the aging brain.  Next steps involved becoming                                                                               certified as a brain health coach because wherever I                                                                                   spoke about brain fitness I was asked to teach classes.  The                                                                   public wanted more!  I was certified through Posit Science                                                                           for the two programs I mentioned above.  I needed                                                                                       something more inclusive of total health and I found Dr.                                                                               Cynthia Green.  Dr. Green started teaching and certifying                                                                             brain health coaches through her Total Memory

                                                                         Workout program. 



                                                                              My Purpose My Passion

M                                                                   My education, experience, and knowledge would probably                                                                          be enough to convince you that I know what I am doing.        but it doesn’t tell you why I am doing this.  I am a leading-edge Boomer.  Like others my age I was experiencing tip-of-tongue slips, forgotten names, and other memory glitches that we all worry about.  I forgot a pivotal word while I was speaking once in front of a large group of people.  It really scared me.  I didn’t have the knowledge that I have now so I immediately went to the dark side of my thoughts and swore I was getting young-onset dementia.  Plus I was working with people who did have Alzheimer’s disease – so I was terrified.  But I happened to have an interest in brain fitness and, the research on aging brains was just coming out.  I discovered I was experiencing typical aging brain issues and I started to relax.  But the memory of those emotions drives me to teach.


Also, the Alzheimer’s Association’s latest facts and figures are grim.  1in 6 women and 1 in 11 men are projected to get Alzheimer’s disease.  These numbers are bigger than breast cancer and prostate cancer.  With no treatment or cure on the horizon and Alzheimer’s disease viewed as an epidemic our future looks bleak.  I just can’t allow that to happen.  My Brain Health Program for Optimal Aging is structured to allow us to live high quality brain healthy lives.  Current research has revealed that this offers the best hope of delaying the onset of dementia.  Either through the Self Study Course or the One on One Coaching Program - It is the very best gift we can give to family, our friends and ourselves.


Finally, I had brain surgery a couple of years ago.  Talk about walking the talk!  I had to really live all of the lifestyle choices that I write about.  I believe my brain is functioning at a very high level again – my own testimonial! 


It would be a great honor to have you experience the Brain Health Program for Optimal Aging.

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    Patricia Faust MGS. CAt 


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