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Now you have two choices
that will help you
navigate caregiving!


Option One:  The Care Call


There are some benchmark situations that occur in caregiving as the disease process progresses.  Everything you thought you knew doesn’t work anymore.  You just need some help in understanding some caregiving solutions that work.  Give me a call and let’s work this out.


This 40-minute call is designed to find an immediate workable solution to common caregiving problems.  For example these could include: resistance to care; sundowners; escalating behavioral problems.  I will also provide some resource information in the event you need additional help.


Caregiving, although a labor of love, is tough.  Let’s see if we can lighten the load.


The fee for this call is $50. payable through PayPal at the time of scheduling.  Schedule your call today on under Eldercare Resources.


Option Two:  Discovery Call with Follow-Up Plan


There comes a point in the caregiving experience where you can succumb to caregiver fatigue.  Caregiving is demanding more than your skills and your energy can deliver.  This is when you have to look at handing caregiver duties over to professionals. 


Initially we will have a free 15-minute discovery call.  I will learn of your situation and what types of decisions you must make.  After gathering all that information, I will investigate the appropriate resources available that would benefit you and your care-recipient.  The next scheduled meeting will be by way of video conferencing.  All material we will review will be forwarded to you by way of email.  This leaves a lot of flexibility in meeting.

The fee for this meeting is $75.  Subsequent meetings to determine an effective plan will also be $75.  There is no minimum number of meetings – the first meeting may be the only meeting.  Or, if additional meetings are necessary, the fee will be $75. up to and including meeting number 5.  If additional work is still necessary, meetings 6 – 10 will be $50. per meeting. 


Schedule your free 15-minute call today at under Eldercare Resources.

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